Friday, June 22, 2007

Damm u

Stupid why muz change de cuboard?then de stupid man still dowan come connect de stove !!!!!!U noe i not yet eat ma!!I not eat breadfast u know!!!!If next time i got gastrict pain then u all die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stupid i wan watch de show peacefully also cannot,got disturb by those EXTRA BIG MOUTHS BROTHERS.Dont let me watch TV show hor!I play computer dont let u 2 know!!!!!

Panda today say he tk he dowan to chase huiyu again le,i so happy,but how is he feeling?Iwan to know how he feel cause i tk he really like her.I hope tt he will feel gd now,long time no chat with him on de phone le,today we chat so far 1 phone call only (now 8.32pm).Yesterday miss his phone call 3 times,feel bad sbt it....

Going to school reopen again le after 1 month de hoilday wan me wake up early again,hai......But worse is tt Mr Ee going to nag again,i tk he would nag at least 20 min de la.Mr nicholas coming back?He going university le so i tk he will not have so much time 4 me,i so scared he will have new gf then i heart broken.Kor i wan to see u again!!I miss ur looks,ur smiles.Please come back!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I LIKE U!!!!!!!!!!!

I also dunno why would i fall in love with u when i know the difference in our age n is impossible between us but i really like u . U might not like me but i really like u !!!!! U said tt u will never open ur heart to anyone because u r scared of being hurt again , this made me tk of can i tell u tt i like u ?But tt might affect our realtionship n i am so scared tt this will happen n u might not call me or even SMS me ever again , sorri i have to do this in order to keep our realtionship like this , this might not last long.

This is de 1st time i am in love, n my 1st love is with some 1 who is 21 years old. i tk it special , but i am so scared of failing in this love because u r 21 n i am only 13 so it is not really veri possible n u are almost going to attend university le so the chance of us chatting will be lower because i got to go school n u also , so now hoilday muz chreish this time , i really wish u can come back east view before u go university can? I know tt u dowan see tt huiyu but i really hope tt u can go back because of me, is this possible ? i really wan to see u !!!! Long time no see u , miss ur looks n smiles .


Yan ya lun so cute!@#%^&*&*()


New blog new start !! I dowan to use my old blog B cause there is a lot of nonsense there. I dont hope to post at tt blog so i decided to creat 1 new blog so tt i might remember my sadness n angryness!!

Why muz he give up in himself? There are so many ppl out there who care abt him lo, but why muz u give up on urself?Life is like tt de, there are some things we muz go through de , u cannot change de ma ,so why muz u give up ?!?!?!U noe i care so much abt u but u dunno !! I always be there 4 u ,but u might not know, maybe u know ba,but anyway i know me n u is not possible de , but i still cannot control myself from caring 4 u , tking of u , liking u always.Always waiting 4 ur call n SMSes but this cannot be control, i have been deeply in love , i hope u also have de same feeling as me but i do not have much hopes on this thing .But i hope tt u can always be there to share my happiness , sadness n everything with me, can?? I hope to hear ur voice everyday,but i know u muz get gf but i hope to be ur very special friend.